Heating Project – The Idea

When my house was built, the builder defied conventional British simplicity and installed a JG Heating System.  This consisted of underfloor heating downstairs and conventional radiator upstairs.

I’ll detail the specifics of the system in future posts.  Basically, each room is controlled by an individual room controller (JGSTAT v3).  These controllers are managed centrally via a touch screen controller which lives in the kitchen (JGTOUCHPAD).

So, the idea.  The Touch Pad is the brain of the system, but the logic and capability of what it provides is very basic.  The schedules that it pushes down to the room controllers are inflexible.  My idea is to reverse engineer the entire system and automate it using my own software.

Throughout my future postings, I’ll be talking about the intricacies of achieving my goals, which include:

  • The heating system – how it fits together
  • Tapping into the system
  • Listening in
  • Taking control
  • Eradicating the master controller

Keep tuned!

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